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All About Barbra

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Final Printed Issue

Issue 75 - ORDER NOW!

This is the latest issue of All About Barbra - you must order QUICKLY as we are looking to have it printed and with everyone before the Christmas post rush.

Our stunning new issue has 32 pages packed with Barbra!

Within will be a FULL TOUR SECTION covering Barbra in LONDON, AMSTERDAM, GERMANY, and ISRAEL, featuring lots of great photos!

We also plan a gorgeous FULL COLOR centerfold! YOUR tour/concert memories, BACKSTAGE with BARBRA! Pictures and words from the fans who met Barbra along the way!

PLUS BARBRA meets All About Barbra! Our chat with Barbra, plus Roslyn, Jason, and, of course, Sammie! All the info ... all the pictures!

the usual news / pictures round up and features including: For Pete's Sake, Barbra and her leading Men (by Allison), the Glamour Awards ... and more ...


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All About Barbra!
Issue 74!  Order Now!

Final Printed Issue

Issue 74 - Now with more pages and more pictures! Packed with Barbra!

Exclusive insight into The Vault and Release Me
by Barbra's A&R man, Jay Landers!

"The Guilt Trip" comes to DVD & Blu Ray - Feature and great pictures!

Inside the Chaplin Award - Feature and pictures!

The Oscars ... "The Way We Were" ... Jason

Our tribute to Allison ... and much more!

We are heavy into production.
Make sure you get your order in now! Don't be disappointed.
Issues 72 and 73 are still selling.

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Issue 74



Final Printed Issue

This is a very special 'one-off' issue. The magazine in all its usual glory with ANOTHER (yes a second) magazine inside! Barbra: Celebrating 50 years. A beautifully printed - 24 pages - second issue reflecting Barbra's amazing life and triumph filled 50 years in entertainment!

Issue 73:
Back To Brooklyn! Barbra on Tour 2012 all the news, views and pictures! The Owl & The Pussycat, Remembering Marvin Hamlisch, Famous Last Words, Richard Jay-Alexander on Tour! Jason Gould! The Guilt Trip, A round-up of all the latest news and pictures, and, as always, lots more!

PLUS, Barbra: Celebrating 50 years -
each page chronicles Barbra's unparalleled, record setting career! Events, Awards, Tours, albums, all the movies ..and more! Illustrated with loads of superb, rare pictures!

This is a first, folks! A one-off!
We urge you to ORDER the issue set now! You may have noticed the last issue (72) is SOLD OUT! Demand is high. As a limited edition, when they are gone, they are gone!

This is probably one of the most adventurous and important magazine issues we have done. It's a MUST HAVE issue! Avoid disappointment! Make sure you order your copy today!

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All About Barbra!
Issue 72!  Order Now!!

Final Printed Issue


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Issue 72


All About Barbra!

Issue 71!   Order Now!!

Final Printed Issue

Exclusive article by Jay Landers!
News, insight and loads of great pictures!
Double Cover!!! Order now!

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Issue 71


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Celebrating 27 Years

All About Barbra is celebrating a wonderful 27 years of publishing! It is a magazine completely dedicated to Barbra Streisand, and seeks to celebrate her career. Packed with information, features, interviews and pictures it is, simply, all about Barbra!

Back in printed form - by demand!

The idea to publish the magazine online was a great success. However, when we asked which our readers preferred - the vote was hugely in favour of a 'printed' magazine. Therefore, the magazine is returning to printed form!

Keep checking the web page & our Blog
www.allaboutbarbra.blogspot.com for new issue announcements and all the latest news/pictures on Barbra.

To be alerted of any Barbra news, developments and magazine information, REGISTER (free) - use the link on this page.

Thanks for all your fabulous support. News of the next issue will be published shortly.

Email: barbramaguk@aol.com
Final Printed Issue
Final Printed Issue


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